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You must have a registration code to register on this website.

You must own an original Watchtower Library CD to aquire a registration code.

You can not use the Watchtower Library Online to do this. You need to use an actual
Watchtower Library CD.

Open the Watchtower Library CD on your computer and go to Help>Watchtower Library Help.

How many sections are listed in the picture that is displayed on the right?

What book of the Bible are we currently considering in the TMS?

If there are two or more books use the first one. If it has a number then use the name only.

Your answer should be two words with a space and no caps.

Please send an email to meekspace@gmail.com and in the SUBJECT field put your two word answer. Make sure it is two words with a space between them and that you only use lower case.

If you get the registration code correct you will get an invitation back to join Meekspace.com.

Make sure when you receive the invitation link that you use that link to visit the new website and that you use the JOIN link and create a new account. The new website will not recognize any old account information.

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