Frankie Wellman

Hello Friends,

A new feature I started is providing a weekly PDF file called Spiritual Gems Study Notes. They will contain bible highlights that can be used for study and commenting during the Spiritual Gems part of the midweek meeting. These files will be posted weekly under the Documents section. You will need a monthly subscription in order to access these files. Monthly subscriptions will help Meekspace to continue providing a safe place for Jehovah's people to associate online. The subscription will also give subscribers full access to the forums so that you can post and comment on forum posts.

As a sample I will be providing the first installment of Spiritual Gems Study Notes here.

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Linda Bryan

I subscribed, but I have not seen any further weekly gems as expected.  Please advise.  

Sister Bryan

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Frankie Wellman


I apologize for missing the last 2 weeks. I hurt myself 2 weeks ago and have been out of commision for awhile. My plan is to post the Spiritual Gems every Sunday evening so that you friends have them available for your midweek meeting the following week. I will make sure they are there this Sunday evening and will be consistant moving forward.

Thank you for your patience.

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